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"This is a new web sight dedicated to breeders that breed for Quality and bring back what the shepherd used to be for the family. Straight backs , larger size, old fashioned in style. The breeders on this web sight have agreed to OFA certify or Penn-hip , Guarantee puppies in writing, own less then 25 dogs and breed AKC Or UKC German Shepherds. These breeders show they are not out to make just a quick buck because they have agreed to spend hundreds on genetically testing parent dogs "BEFORE" they breed. We Have German shepherd breeding from all across the US, Iowa, Tennesee, North Carolina, Michigan, Oklahoma.

To advertise on this page contact Robin Krumm @ royalairshepherds@gmail.com

Price at this time is only 20 dollars a year !!!! You must be a breeder who follows the rules above and agree to do final OFA's with at least 50% of your dogs ,not just prelims!


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** Puppies available right now next to the breeders name see below**

large german shepherds for sale

Royalair German Shepherds


silver sable gsdblack and silver gsdbig german shepherd.




Large , Old- fashioned ,Central Iowa German Shepherds

-five hours or less from St.Paul,Mn ,Kansas City & St. Louis, MO ,4 hours or less from Omaha, Nebraska & Chicago, Illinois

Do you remember what the German Shepherd used to be?  Large to x-large, straight back, strong, athletic, stocky build, Safe with friends and family, super intelligent and long lived. I have been breeding to bring back what the shepherd used to be for more the 30 years. I do not breed show dogs, or hyper/aggressive German shutzhund lines. I have no goal at all to breed for these disciplines. Therefore I can focus on the best family pet with the best health. Unlike most old- style shepherd breeders, I OFA certify not only hips but elbows as well,TEST all dogs free of DM, Males are Cardiac tested.. Many of my dogs are obedience titled too!

large german shepherds for sale

Rose Hall German Shepherds

oversized german shepherd


LLOCATILON: Tennessee German Shepherds-South central USSouth

Great companions happen by intent. Passion for balanced temperaments, matching pups with each buyer’s lifestyle and expectations.Rose Hall German Shepherds



large german shepherds for sale

Angelic German Shepherds

big german shepherds

Location : Michigan North central US

Breeding large to oversized German shepherds stable in mind & body.
OFA certified hips & elbows.
Always working for the betterment of the breed.


large german shepherds for sale

Ardent Haus German shepherds


large german shepherds for sale in illinois



Ardent Haus German Shepherds is located in central Iowa. All of my dogs live inside the home with us as our companions and all puppies are born and raised inside the home. I strive to breed and maintain the lines of the old-fashioned style German Shepherds like the ones I grew up knowing. They are taller, with straight backs, big heads, and thicker bone structures. Very stunning in appearance! A wonderful, quality, family companion German Shepherd!

large german shepherds for sale

Hanabrit German Shepherds

michigan breeder

Upcoming litters

Location : Michigan -North Central

A Passion for bringing back the old- style german shepherd, and to preserve the pure old bloodlines. Big , bold, long lived german shepherds that fit in with families. The true shepherd you used to remember.

large german shepherds for sale

Vonsila German Shepherds

old fashioned shepherds in NY

VonSila Kennels is dedicated to raising healthy, clear-headed, large, family/competition shepherds that excel in any environment. Our breeding program has grown throughout the years through our sincere love for canines, creating a lineage of German shepherds that stays true to our goal to produce the healthiest, genetically clean, sound temperament puppies.


Location : ..New York

large german shepherds for sale

Salhaus German Shepherds

erman shepherds in CA

Location: California

Breeder of Integrity for over 25 years. Dedicated to producing the old fashioned, straight-backed, mild tempered, family companion & protector of yester-year. Home/hand raised. Penn Hip & OFA certified parents with some of the highest hip ratings in the nation. DM tested clear. DNA certified, AKC German Shepherds. A few select litters a year, from our loving home, to yours.


large german shepherds for sale


MottoPride Shepherds

Old fashioned german shepherds in canada

LOCATION : Alberta, Canada





We offer oversized Shepherds that are intelligent, easily trainable, very loyal loving companions. All pups come with health guarantee.All breeding stock OFA'd and DM tested. We live on 80 acres of grass and bush for exercising and training. Climate controlled kennel withlarge outdoor grass runs as well as an obstacle course for fun. We raise happy, healthy, socialized puppies. We breed for family companionship with sound minds and healthy bodies.

large german shepherds for sale

Mississippi German Shepherds

mississippi gsd

Location: Guntown, MS.


Mississippi German Shepherds (Facebook)
DM N/N clear! Large, straight back, old-fashioned German Shepherds. Raised in our home with the grandkids. Royalair and Rosehall combination for exceptional GSDs.

large german shepherds for sale

Southern Legacy German Shepherds

big red german shepherds

Breeding large Old Fashioned, straight backed, German Shepherds for Health & Temperament.

All my dogs live in the house and with just 1 or 2 select litters every year I am able to focus on providing quality dogs with excellent health and temperaments that are great with family & children.

My breeding lines are primarily Royalair & Ardent Haus. All dogs are OFA'd, DM tested, DNA certified & temperament tested.


Location - Georgia 404-395-1252



large german shepherds for sale

Menards Legendary German Shepherds

I OFA test for hips and and DM test all my breeding dogs. My dogs are exceptionally smart, loyal, loving and protective when needed. They seem to know a friend from an unfriendly person. These dogs are big boned, straight backed and are above standard size for the AKC. They are great family pets and protectors. The puppies are worked with from birth until they go to their new homes. When you take your new puppy home you get a puppy pack, health certificate and me for any questions you may have. I will always be there for you down the road if you have any questions or concerns.


Location : Nebraska


Dawn Menard: 402-510-2493 Cell 402-451-2660 Home


large german shepherds for sale

Glory Be German shepherds

big german shepherd dogs in iowa

Large old fashoined OFA certified german shepherds

Location : Iowa

Face book : https://www.facebook.com/glorybegermanshepherds/

Phone : 515-480-3467

large german shepherds for sale

Von Prinz German shepherds


We are striving to breed a dog that can do anything you want to train it to do. All the while maintaining the older style of German Shepherd that is a great family companion and protector.  All of our dogs live in the house with us, with puppies being born and raised in the house. We have donated to Dogs that Help to become service dogs for veterans. We OFA hips and elbows and DM test. 


Location : Illinois

websight :http://www.vonprinzgermanshepherds.com

Phone : 309-245-9969



large german shepherds for sale

Harana German Shepherds

big  german shepherds for sale in north carolina


Location: Charlotte, North Carolina

WEBSIGHT : www.Haranagsd.com

Contact : Stacy Watkins@ (704)236-0674

email : sdeme0527@yahoo.com

Harana German Shepherds is Breeding for health, intelligence, soft calm temperament, large, straight back shepherds.  Excellent family companions.  Our animals live in the house with us.   Puppies will be socialized our other dog, cats and children.

large german shepherds for sale

Snyder’s German Shepherd’s

black german shepherds for salewhite german shepherds for sale

Great GSD's are my passion.  I fell in love with the old-style GSD years ago and have been working to keep the healthy, DM free, OFA certified lines guaranteed for the future. I aim for balanced temperaments, size, health and making sure this is the right dog for you:)

Chris Snyder

Location: St. Louis, Missouri


Email- chrisrsnyder@gmsnyder.com

large german shepherds for sale

Oakmont German Shepherds

long coated german shepherds

We are a small breeder of Old Fashioned, straight backed, lower drive/ family friendly, larger sized German Shepherds. We OFA for hips and elbows, DM test, MDR1 test and more! We produce many different colors from black & red/ silver/ tans, solid blacks, bi-color, and solid whites, both long and standard coats. We offer a two year warranty and lifetime support!


Kathy Mcclain

Location: Decatur, Alabama





large german shepherds for saleSteadfast Old World German Shepherds

German Shepherds in the "Old World" style. Straight backs, large muscular builds, and relaxed dispositions with appropriate protective drives. OFA certified hips and elbows. DM clear, two normal alleles. We produce stunning silver sable and black and silver puppies. Health guarantee.

Location : Norther VA


large german shepherds for sale

Freedom German Shepherds



Teresa Conradi

Clear Creek Orchard Inc.

Collins, Iowa

PH: 515-210-4002

Email: Clearcreekjam@gmail.com

large german shepherds for sale

MidWest German Shepherds

facebook page :https://www.facebook.com/Midwest-German-Shepherds-1776625479296088/


large german shepherds for sale

RKS German Shepherds

       Breeder of the old fashion, large, straight back German Shepherd which are all raised & live in our home. We breed for health & temperament, we pennhip, OFA, Dm test, cardio, MDRI & more. We have Royalair lines. Service dogs, SAR, great family pets & more

silver german shepherd

Location: Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania

570-367-3960 Facebook page: RKS German Shepherds

Nuvet a great supplement for German Shepherds while growing, or seniors dogs who need to move better or with AllERGIES. See further information and/or order here....


About OFA - Orthopedics Animals foundation of America a foundation for the registering of hips and elbows as well as other genetic diseases it has been extremely helpful to me as a breeder to OFA-certify my dogs. To check out any breeder type in the breed and kennel name such as mine (ROYALAIR)at the web sight above for your own research. If the breeders has been breeding along time you should see lots of names......


About AKC & Other dog registries: AKC is the only All breed registry with a DNA program -Beware of puppy mill registries such as APR (american pet registry), & AKA, CKC- not the canadian kennel club this is what they are copying-as well as others. You are supporting puppy mills if you buy a dog with these registries as they are mainly for puppy mill breeders you know what you get with AKC because of record inspections and DNA. All Buyers should beware! Here is a good example: two APR kennels close to me raise GSD's. Both are breeding females that are not german shepherds (they looked like husky crosses) but are registering them as German Shepherds and the registry does not care. I have personally seen it and so have many others. Support "good breeders" and no matter what the breed buy AKC.

Lots of cool GSD information!


Are you looking for size? Here are some pointers!

#1. Many breeders of german shepherds Exaggerate,see the dog or a video !

#2 .Vet certified weight means nothing if you can't call the vet !

# 3. Size means little if temper , health and longevity are not there !

#4. If they won't let you see the dogs-STAY AWAY!

#5. No proof of OFA or PENN-Hip often means parent dogs cannot pass OFA. (hip evaluation)

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